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Dorset County Museum Project

This was a project I received through volunteering in the Marketing Department of Dorset County Museum and it has become more than I could possibly imagine.


It was originally proposed that this series of four illustrations would end up on disposable coffee cups but instead they have ended up on a series of merchandise from pens & pencils to badges, magnets, key rings, a bag for life and more which would all be sold in the Museums gift shop.


Unfortunately I would not see any money from this due to my volunteer status but it was still a great experience for me and one which will hopefully prove to be good publicity for me as an Illustrator.


I have received a lot of positive feedback from the museum and its volunteers while the merchandise has been on sale, which is great for me. It is something I hope to continue doing with future projects in and around the museum.

You can find more images on my blog:

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